West Palm Beach’s premiere Physical Therapy Center welcomes you! Your health and rehabilitation are why we’re here. Whether you have just had a knee surgery or injured yourself with a broken ankle or aching back, we can help you heal (click here for all the symptons we treat). We’ve been in business for 30 years, healing thousands of patients, one at a time.

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At The Physical Therapy Center, we will work with you to help restore optimal movement, posture, balance and reduce discomfort. The physical therapist, working with your referring doctor, will discuss your personal goals for therapy, assess your pain, and design a complete rehabilitation program.

Evaluation and Treatment

The Initial Evaluation will include a history of your discomfort, palpation of problem areas, evaluation of movement patterns, and observation of postural changes.

Treatment programs, which are tailored to your needs, may include muscular stretching and strengthening, mobilizing stiff joints, postural exercises, balancing activities and modalities that include ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction and heat/cold.  Following this new kingcomprehensive treatment program, we will provide you with a home routine to enable you to prevent re-injury and maintain your gains.

Our facility is designed to help you heal and live a vibrant good life. Click this link for the insurance plans we accept.

What some of our patients have to say:

“Cortizone shots in my shoulder only lasted about 3 months each before pain returned.  Treatment by the Physical Therapy Center has stopped the pain and freed up the motion of the shoulder and increased the use of my right shoulder.” Robert Zajicek, Sr.

“Thank you Nancy, Krista and Jeff for helping me rehab my knee. I am up to 3 mile runs and sprints. I have also signed up for my second Warrior Dash. I miss your quick wits.”  Katarzyna Kazaam

“I want to thank Nancy and her staff for the treatment and concerns they showed me during my treatment for hip replacement. They do care as to how you progress and work with you on areas that need improving.” Don Cromwell

“The advice and treatment I have gotten here helps me understand my condition and what may be done about it. The staff and therapists are great to deal with. I feel very comfortable and assured that they have my best interest in mind and will do everything they can to help me.” John Valentino


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The Physical Therapy Center is dedicated to providing, personable one-on-one treatment to our patients to improve the quality of their lives.